The PRICE IS RIGHT!! (or is it??)

Designing and making bags is what I love. Marketing & selling them is a 4 letter word (WORK)!

My website has been up only a short time and already I have been told that:

“Your prices are too low”

“You need to double your prices”

“Your bags are beautiful, but your prices are too high”

My husband says if I am not selling bags, I just need to lower my prices.

So….. What do I do? What IS the right price? I think there is no good answer to that question. I think when a woman finds a bag she likes she will buy it. It is more about having the Right bag, than paying the Right price.

SO.. I will continue to price my purses and handbags at prices that I thinks are right.

I use high quality products in all my bags. BUT… I very rarely pay full price for anything. I am a bargain hunter. I buy my leather, my linings, and my hardware when it is on sale.

I DO NOT use inferior products to keep my prices low. Instead, I buy on sale and pass the saving on to my customers.

So you can know that Just For You Bags will be well made and priced “Right”!


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