Pick a pocket

Today let’s talk about pockets!  Is 3 enough? Is 6 too many?! Outside or inside? Or both?

In all the custom bags I have made, it seems that every woman has their own idea of what they want for pockets! I have had requests for as many pockets as possible, and I have had requests for only 1 pocket on the outside for a cell phone.

This shoulder bag for instance has 4 slip pockets inside as well as a center zip pocket. Then… on the outside it has 6 slip pockets as well as a zip pocket!

For me, this would be waaay too many pockets.  I would never know which one I stashed something in and it would be lost forever!


(Do you like my helpers BTW?)

My only real point here is that every purse is as unique as the woman who carries it. As it should be!!  SO….. if you don’t find what you are looking for in my shop, PLEASE contact me and we will create something JUST FOR YOU!!!

(Although this bag is not on the website, if you are interested in it let me know. It was a prototype for another custom bag)

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